Foggy Morning 2

Disclaimer, you were warned about my thing for fog in the early AM. So here we go again. This field was along the usual back road commute to work at a former employer. Being a portion of ancient river valley, a cut off meander, the land is very conducive to forming low fog under the right conditions. Plenty of photo opportunities with little traffic to worry about if a stop was needed.

In this instance the lines of corn sprouting just seemed to invite me through the opening to see what earth and sky had been up to during the night.

I know many would say its just a snapshot, which is absolutely true, the entire process of stop, shoot and go taking mere seconds. But those critics are missing the memory, the sheer joy of being alive at this exact place and time and seeing first hand there is a Creator busy making little things of beauty and sharing them for all to see. We need only open our eyes and look.

When You Are Feeling The Heat

This photo was made on a very hot summer afternoon. Air temperature was 105°, this pavement had been soaking up heat for around six hours. A turtle came out of the roadside ditch and started across, moving at a pace that was most likely a new speed record for common snapping turtles. I stopped to allow a safe crossing and snapped the photo. The turtle made it across safely after a brief stop to cool its feet, five drivers went on their way and I keep this snapshot as a reminder. When I am feeling heat for doing something, I need to stop to examine my motives or choices, then let nothing deter me from doing what is right.

At The Edge of Oblivion

One fine morning last year, (which in this story means bright sunshine, clear skies and river valley fog), I set out with a specific destination in mind. In the half hour it takes to arrive on location a slight breeze from the west entered the mix.

Rather disappointing. The tree at the extreme right is the buzzards roost featured in a previous post.

Same location, different day, with clouds and no fog.

For now, imagination will have to do the heavy lifting, this is more the idea.

CFFC: Barns or Any Dilapidated Building

Cees Fun Foto Challenge  brings some photos of dilapidated barns. All of these are within a short distance of home. I can remember when the first one wss still in use before the advent of big round hay bales. The other buildings are a discovery from last spring. They stand in the floodplain of the local river, so they get washed out every year or so.

Buzzards Roost

IMGP2108-Edit-01Some days I make photos of really random stuff, mostly because something about it caught my eye. This photo is an example. While driving past this spot I noticed the turkey vultures going to roost and thought to myself, “Self, you need to get a picture of this” and Self replied “Challenge accepted, hold my camera.” 300mm worth of zoom lens handheld is not so easy to do but every time they saw me getting out of the truck, off they went. So after around a dozen crappy shots they finally gave me this. I thanked them for the show and rolled down the road for home.