When You Are Feeling The Heat

This photo was made on a very hot summer afternoon. Air temperature was 105°, this pavement had been soaking up heat for around six hours. A turtle came out of the roadside ditch and started across, moving at a pace that was most likely a new speed record for common snapping turtles. I stopped to allow a safe crossing and snapped the photo. The turtle made it across safely after a brief stop to cool its feet, five drivers went on their way and I keep this snapshot as a reminder. When I am feeling heat for doing something, I need to stop to examine my motives or choices, then let nothing deter me from doing what is right.

Author: Steve Shelton

Amateur photographer with some photos that want to breath and have their stories told.

2 thoughts on “When You Are Feeling The Heat”

    1. We have a lot of people run over them here too. The Conservation dept started a pretty good education effort several years ago, now I see people moving turtles to the side of thee road.


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