Into the Storm

Yesterday evening on the drive home a storm came up rather quickly. The kind with hail, downpours, wind and lightning…..bad stuff to be certain. The kind of storm that is sure enough out to get you.

Pulling off the interstate, have to pick up a couple things needed for dinner, and hoping to get back on the road before this thing unleashes the fury.

Looking back to the West just before I turn into the big W parking lot.

Amazingly, I actually got back to the truck with seconds to spare. Shut the door, turned the ignition on and truck and downpour both started. Drove about 10 miles in heavy rain, yet by the time I got home the sun was breaking through behind the storm.

PSA, all photos in this post were taken while my phone was in a dash mounted carrier. The camera features a huge yellow button to “trip the shutter”, which I usually hit without looking. Part of the carrier is visible in the photos. I call this rig the dashcam. Thanks for reading this far.

Author: Steve Shelton

Amateur photographer with some photos that want to breath and have their stories told.

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