A Learning Curve, and That’s No Bull…….

Hi, it seems I have been occupied with other things too much lately and have neglected to post anything for a while.

One of those things has been learning to shoot and edit video, which I have found is much more involved than merely pointing a camera at something and pressing the appropriate button. Recording the video is just about stupid easy. Getting good video, not so much. Editing video takes determination and a strong stomach at times.

Anyway, I was out for a walk one morning a couple weeks ago and looking for things I could use to make a video. A bit challenging due to the “nothing much ever happens around here” nature of the county road I live on. In addition, I had decided to determine if it is possible to shoot, edit and produce video using nothing more than a smartphone.

It is certainly possible and the result was going to be included in this post. However, after the video was loaded and added to the post the playback was very sluggish and not so pretty. I have included a link to the video file on YouTube if you wish to see it. This link does work quite well.

I hope you enjoy the video of my walk.

Author: Steve Shelton

Amateur photographer with some photos that want to breath and have their stories told.

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