Novembruary – Winter Storm…….Mid-Autumn?

So the weather has been a bit interesting lately in my corner of the world. The mushrooms were photographed on October 17, a nice comfortable autumn day, warm enough yet for growing wild fungi.

Then things went downhill, we had a minor accumulation of snow on November 8, it was cold enough for it to stick around for a few hours. Then on the 9th some more snow and colder.

On the night of the 13th the ground started to freeze in shaded areas.

November 14 and Winter Storm Avery drops by for a visit and leaves 5.2 inches of snow.

Tomorrow, the 21st, it is back to mid 50s and sunny once again.

My dad used to say ” If you don’t like the weather stick around, something you do like will come through shortly. ”

Good times!

Author: Steve Shelton

Amateur photographer with some photos that want to breath and have their stories told.

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