At The Edge of Oblivion

One fine morning last year, (which in this story means bright sunshine, clear skies and river valley fog), I set out with a specific destination in mind. In the half hour it takes to arrive on location a slight breeze from the west entered the mix.

Rather disappointing. The tree at the extreme right is the buzzards roost featured in a previous post.

Same location, different day, with clouds and no fog.

For now, imagination will have to do the heavy lifting, this is more the idea.

CFFC: Barns or Any Dilapidated Building

Cees Fun Foto Challenge  brings some photos of dilapidated barns. All of these are within a short distance of home. I can remember when the first one wss still in use before the advent of big round hay bales. The other buildings are a discovery from last spring. They stand in the floodplain of the local river, so they get washed out every year or so.

Buzzards Roost

IMGP2108-Edit-01Some days I make photos of really random stuff, mostly because something about it caught my eye. This photo is an example. While driving past this spot I noticed the turkey vultures going to roost and thought to myself, “Self, you need to get a picture of this” and Self replied “Challenge accepted, hold my camera.” 300mm worth of zoom lens handheld is not so easy to do but every time they saw me getting out of the truck, off they went. So after around a dozen crappy shots they finally gave me this. I thanked them for the show and rolled down the road for home.

Waves In The Sky

IMGP2694-Edit-01I took this photo during the summer of 2017. I had been driving around looking for a good subject and watching these clouds in the distance. As time passed the sunlight was changing how they looked. When the edges of the clouds lit up and turned white it made them appear to be cloud waves breaking on a beach in the sky. Good imagination seems to be a plus at times, just my thought on it.


I have a thing about photographing water, but not in the smooth, smoky looking, long exposure, artistic way that seems to be so popular now. I do so in order to freeze it in its infinite variety of surface patterns as it moves and flows over and around things. Much more interesting I think. We shall look at this subject again at another time.

The photo in this post was taken as I was exploring a small creek in Meramec State Park in eastern Missouri.

Unique Murals

As I was waiting in line to order pizza for supper this evening I glanced up and noticed this mural on the wall. So I had to get a photo of it. While I can understand the train with the restaurant name, the railroad being just across the street, the cowboy has me a bit puzzled. He is enjoying a good sized slice of pizza, but otherwise I know of no connection. Maybe a bit of over thinking the whole thing.

On Straw Ponies…….

A few years ago I pulled into a local produce seller’s lot one morning and found this unusual creation. One of those things no one believes you about unless backup proof is shown. So, here is my proof of the cornstalk pony.

I have one regret with this photo, not that its a phone camera photo, nor the fact it is a snapshot. No, my one regret is letting concern for the opinions of others hold me back from making a dozen photos that morning. I’ve come a long way since then. This is a journey, not a destination. Make those photos!

Lawn Ornaments of the Useful Kind

DSC01387-01On the way to work one morning I spotted this scene of the house with the lights at the back door and the truck then I noticed the  unique lawn ornament. After looking at the photo for a while realized this was a great idea, the concept of heavy duty, multipurpose lawn decoration. Feeling the need to have a tree removed, a reflecting pool or koi pond dug out or just filling in that random low spot? No problem, step outside and fire up the bulldozer in the front yard, you will be finished in no time at all.