Photography Projects, Useless.

The idea for this project was conceived while on a trip to the local river one morning for photographing what presented. While roaming about the pink shoe was spotted, some photos were made and edited then allowed to reside in digital cold storage. Why did I photograph a shoe…..location, color, who knows.

Throw in geography and history and a love of old place names, the Animas River in particular came to mind. It was once known as Rio de Las Animas Perdidas, River of Lost Souls, the photo was named Lost Sole.

Later that year the black shoe was spotted along a recently mown county road, it too was photographed and became Lost Sole #2.

Shortly after, the Lost Soles Project was born with three very strict rules. First, the shoe must have once belonged to a member of the human race and have gone feral. Second, the scene or shoe are not to be touched, moved or disturbed in any way. Third, return visits are allowed and encouraged, however, do not feed the shoes!…..or is that bears?

Now you have the back story of my useless photography project. Its just for fun and giggles.

Unfortunately, both of the shoes have succumbed to the ravages of time.

Author: Steve Shelton

Amateur photographer with some photos that want to breath and have their stories told.

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